from March 7th to April 10th 2013

“Public Clock” exhibited in the CAFA Art Museum in Beijing


After its great success in Milan, the Triennale Design Museum is presenting a new edition of the exhibition O’Clock – time design, design time in the CAFA Art Museum in Beijing. The purpose of the show is to explore the relationship between time and design.
Compared to the display in Milan, the exhibition in Beijing includes an expanded, updated selection of works which take account of China’s newly emerging and already established design potential. A wide-ranging display of original site-specific works, installations, design objects, works of art and videos by international artists and designers seek to answer questions such as: “How is time measured?”, “How can passing time be shown?” and “How can time be experienced?”. All the works exhibited tackle subjects such as the passage of time, time’s evolution, and decay over time, in ways that are sometimes ironic, sometimes poetic, sometimes meditative and sometimes critical.

The CAFA Art Museum in Beijing is one of the most important art museums in China. Part of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, it was designed by the Japanese architect Arata Isozaki and completed in March 2008.