From April 26th till june 22nd 2013

Kissthedesign presents: Limited Edition 1


The exhibition Édition limitée I at Kissthedesign gallery gathers 4 contemporary designers, Frédéric Dedelley, Nicolas Le Moigne, Valentin Loellmann and Tobias Schäfer, that sometimes beside an industrial production, create in limited edition or even unique pieces.

The production in limited edition develops marginal to industrial production, also if it can share the same technics it allows designers to experiment outside the limits imposed by the function and mass production.

Even if design already entered the gallery space in the 50’s with Steph Simon in Paris, and that the Memphis group forced to a serious reconsideration of functionalism and so called beauty, the phenomenon Design in limited edition is quite new. The need of the collectors for limited design is big and the crisis maybe also strengthened this appetite for high end and rare items, that are produced by highly specialized craftsmans or even by the designer himself. This demand expands to content and concepts and further blurs the boundaries between art and design.