8 February – 8 March 2012

Gallery Libby Sellers presents: “Nicolas Le Moigne” – solo show


The first solo-show in London by Swiss designer Nicolas le Moigne, opens 8 February 2012, at Gallery Libby Sellers.

Following his graduation in product design from ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne in 2007, le Moigne has gone on to create award-winning designs that can be described as a celebration of juxtaposition. His work in lighting, product and furniture shows an understanding of, and capacity for, complexity and contrast: seemingly fragile yet resilient, at once artisnal yet also industrial, assuredly sophisticated yet without guile.

This equanimity has brought le Moigne, now a professor at ECAL, to the attention of both industrial companies such as Eternit or Atelier Pfister and design galleries in Paris, Berlin and Mexico. Sellers and le Moigne have been working to produce new designs since his graduation, however to offer an overview of his work since 2007 the London exhibition will also include limited edition designs commissioned for NextLevel Galerie in Paris and Helmrinderknecht in Berlin. The exhibition will include the debut of le Moigne’s leather Slip stool, alongside jewellery for the Austrian firm A.E.Koechert, seating for Eternit, and a selection from the Podium and Materia collections.
For four years Gallery Libby Sellers was “pop-up.” This freshly minted permanent space opened on 8 September in advance of the London Design Festival and the Nicolas le Moigne solo show will be their 4th exhibition.


09/11/2011 – 04/03/2012

Museum für Gestaltung Zürich presents “Black and white”


On the occasion of the exhibition “Black and White – Designing Opposites” the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich presents the PODIUM vases, produced in limited edition by the german gallery HELMRINDERKNECHT contemporary design.

Black and white polarize and are seen as radical and particularly expressive. The two colors are shaped by contrasts such as light and darkness or life and death. Common to both is a claim to absoluteness but also the expression of demarcation or distance, as well as protest. The ways in which they are used relate to specific cultural circles and are illustrated in various social phenomena. In architecture, design and fashion black and white generally stand for values such as abstraction, elegance and timelessness, but beyond this understanding there opens up an entire cosmos of motifs and cultural traditions. Thus design in black and white interprets this cultural spectrum or reformulates it. With its rich contrasts this exhibition explores the design potential of the outermost extremes in the spectrum of colors. Following an introduction to the cultural and social meaning the spotlight is turned on the idea, application and effect of black and white in architecture, design and fashion of modernism and the present day.


11 January – 25 February 2012

Helmrinderknecht contemporary design presents: Edition 21 / Zürich


Roving pop-up gallery Helmrinderknecht has arrived in Switzerland, bringing with it works by an interesting roster of talent, including Dutch design studio Makkink & Bey and Swiss industrial designer Nicolas Le Moigne. Titled ‘Edition 21/ Zürich’, the show has temporarily commandeered the entrance hall of an office building in the centre of Zurich. (Wallpaper*)

Temporary exhibition space
Bleicherweg 21
CH-8021 Zürich / Switzerland



October 11th 2011 – January 8th 2012

Triennale Design Museum (Milan) presents Public clock

Triennale Design Museum_Clock

Triennale Design Museum presents O’clock, an exhibition which will try to explore the relations between time and design. While figurative art, cinema and photography have developed a long, in-depth reflection about time, design has instead often addressed the subject by merely confining it to the categories of accuracy, measurability and functionality. Yet, the relations between time and design are much more complex and can reveal surprising perspectives, both aesthetically and functionally.
A wide selection of site-specific works, installations, designer items, works of art, videos by international artists and designers will try to answer such questions as: “How can time be measured?”, “How can passing time be shown?”, “How can time be experienced?”. All exhibits address such topics as the passing of time, ever-changing time, perishing, sometimes funnily, sometimes poetically, sometimes meditatively and critically.
For this occasion the public clock realized in 2006 by Swiss designer Nicolas Le Moigne will be presented abroad for the first time. The piece tells the time in words rather than through analogue or digital means, the flaps of its rotary system fluttering every minute across its long, rectangular form. Le Moigne’s timepiece takes pleasure in the telling of time, literally spelling it out in language, as if articulated by a human voice. The effect of this is to slow the user down in their reading of the time, to make them take their time, and in doing so to be aware of time passing.


14/10/2011 – 07/12/2011

Gallery Libby Sellers (London) presents “Slip Lamp”


To celebrate the opening of her new space, the london based gallery Libby Sellers presents “Grandmateria II”, a collective exhibition presenting the works from designers who collaborated with her these last four years. On this occasion the Swiss designer Nicolas Le Moigne presents a new piece, Slip Lamp, produced in limited edition for the gallery. Made of Eternit, this table light is based on the Slip Stool (exhibited in 2008).

Bringing together some of Europe’s most progressive designers, Grandmateria II is the next chapter in a story that began with the gallery’s inaugural exhibition in 2007. The title alludes to the mythologies of the Philosopher’s Stone: a stone said to have alchemist powers to transmute lead into gold. By working with modest materials, using materials out of context, or by layering the materials with rich narrative each of the represented designers elevate the ordinary to extraordinary effect.


August 25th – November 25th 2011

Ediciones Jalapa (Mexico City) presents “Elements”


Ediciones Jalapa presents “Elements”, a collection of pieces made of aluminium realized in Mexico and designed be Swiss designer Nicolas Le Moigne.

Illustration from Régis Tosetti

14 – 18/06/2011

HELMRINDERKNECHT Contemporary Design (Berlin) presents the PODIUM collection at Design Miami/Basel


HELMRINDERKNECHT contemporary design gallery proudly presents a collection of objects designed by Nicolas Le Moigne (*1979), a Swiss designer from ECAL/University of art and design Lausanne. Le Moigne’s PODIUM collection is composed of a family of objects based on observations regarding the systems used by art and design galleries for displaying such objects. The common use of white plinths to reinforce the object on display (Le Moigne is very attached to iconic white stands) brought forth the idea of irrevocably associating the object and the form of presentation. As a further step Le Moigne combines his observations by introducing the concept of revolving shapes to his objects. Each object is crafted by means of a different technique of rotary motion. This includes techniques such as wood turning, metal spinning, stone turning, ceramic wheeling and glass blowing.
The entire Podium collection consists of vases (ceramic), lamp (glass), bowl (stone), shelf (wood), coffee table (wood) and occasional table (metal) where the object and its base are seen as one whilst the shape of the object is created in rotary motions.

PODIUM collection was produced entirely and exclusively by Swiss craftsmen, who are recognised for their mastery of techniques related to metal, marble, blown glass, wood and ceramics. Each object of the PODIUM collection is produced in a strictly limited edition of three to eight pieces, is accompanied by an artist proof, and is exclusively available at HELMRINDERKNECHT.


June 2011

Presentation of Podium collection at Design Miami/Basel

April 2011

SALONE DEL MOBILE: presentation of “Flore” vase and “Lux” lamp


Pour la cinquantième édition du Salone del Mobile, le vase « Fiore » ainsi que la lampe « Lux » seront présentés au sein des espaces suivants :


50 vases, parmi lesquels des créations de Florence Doleac, Marti Guixé, Fabio Novembre ainsi que des pièces historiques d’Ettore Sottsass, Bruno Munari et Enzo Mari.

Compositions florales réalisées par Tearose, Milan.
Une exposition parrainée par FOSCARINI.

Vernissage le 6 avril à partir de 18h30
Exposition du 7 avril au 9 mai 2011
Heures d’ouverture de 10h00 à 18h00 (fermé le mardi)

Museo Poldi Pezzoli
via Manzoni 12, Milan



Matteo Gonet est issu de la nouvelle génération de souffleurs de verre.
Sa collaboration avec Nicolas Le Moigne l’a conduit à créer la lampe « Lux » présentée à Milan dans le cadre d’une exposition dédiée aux pièces réalisées en verre.

Vernissage le 11 avril à partir de 18h00
Exposition du 11 au 17 avril 2011
Heures d’ouverture de 09h00 à 21h00

Temporary Museum for New Design
Superstudio Piu
Design théâtre / 2nd floor, Spce E
Via Tortona 27, Milan


24/02 – 12/03 / 2011

NextLevel Gallery presents: Trash cube, limited edition


Sous l’impulsion d’Isabelle Mesnil, fondatrice de la galerie NextLevel, la maison Eternit présente au cœur du Marais la dernière création de Nicolas Le Moigne. Une édition limitée du Trash Cube exposée en avant-première à Paris.

Réalisé à partir de chutes de fibres-ciment naturel, le Trash Cube rend à nouveau précieuses et désirables les tonnes de chutes de matière première produites par l’entreprise Eternit chaque semaine. C’est sous la forme d’une assise aux reliefs poreux, que l’objet allégé est édité pour l’occasion en 12 exemplaires signés.

NextLevel représente et soutient des artistes, plasticiens ou designers, émergents ou confirmés. Lieu d’échanges et de découvertes propice à la création contemporaine, la galerie de design limité expose le Trash Cube du 24 février au 12 mars 2011.


15/01/2011 – 05/02/2011

Kreo Gallery presents: A New Generation of Lights

ANewGenerationOfLights Paris Janvier2011

L’ECAL/Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne voyage.
Direction Paris et plus précisément la renommée Galerie Kreo, située dans un 6ème arrondissement qui respire l’élégance, la créativité et le raffinement parisien.
Dans la continuité de l’exposition présentée en 2005 et dédiée à des travaux d’étudiants, la Galerie Kreo propose cette année « A new generation of Lights », une collection de luminaires réalisés durant ces cinq dernières années par des étudiants et professeurs du Département Design Industriel de l’ECAL.

Aux côtés de jeunes créateurs audacieux, Nicolas Le Moigne présente le prototype d’une nouvelle lampe éditée en Europe prochainement.

Pour Clémence et Didier Krzentowski, l’exposition est aussi une façon de rendre un hommage créatif à Monsieur Pierre Keller, reconnu pour avoir hissé en qualité de Directeur,  l’ECAL parmi les trois meilleures écoles de design au monde.

La Galerie Kreo produit et expose les créations originales des plus grands designers contemporains, tel un « espace-laboratoire » dédié au travail de recherche de ces créateurs. Le prototype de la nouvelle lampe de Nicolas Le Moigne est à découvrir du 15 janvier au 5 février 2011.



(Français) 01/12 – 20/02/2010

Museum für Gestaltung Zürich presents: The Swiss Design Awards 2010

PrixFederauxDesign Zurich Novembre2010

In collaboration with the BAK, the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich is mounting a combined exhibi- tion of the award-winning young designers and the recipients of the design prize. Nicolas Le Moigne from Lausanne designed the scenography of the exhibition. It is dominated by Spanset straps as a visual leitmotiv, which Le Moigne used to mount display cases or to attach freestand- ing walls to columns. They also guide visitors through the exhibition.



Visit of the exhibition Swiss Design Awards

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22/10 – 26/11/2010

ELAC presents: Hexagone

Hexagone Lausanne Octobre2010

En collaboration avec l’Ambassade de France à Berne, l’Association Internationale des Maires Francophones (AIMF) et la Ville de Lausanne, Pierre Keller, président de l’elac (l’espace lausannois d’art contemporain), présente une exposition d’objets réalisés par une sélection de designers français. Vernissage le mercredi 20 octobre à 17h45 en présence de Bertrand Delanoë, maire de Paris.

«Près d’un tiers de nos étudiants est français. Cet événement est un peu une façon de leur rendre hommage», explique Pierre Keller, directeur de l’ECAL/Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne et président de l’elac (l’espace lausannois d’art contemporain). Grâce à un processus de sélection initié par Pierre Charpin, cette exposition présente ainsi les travaux d’une vingtaine de designers hexagonaux parmi les plus influents actuellement.


(Français) 01/10 – 09/10/2010

Vienna Design Week: collaboration with A.E.Köchert


The former imperial and royal jewellers A.E.Köchert have been creating exquisite jewellery for almost 200 years. For the Swiss designer Nicolas Le Moigne, Köchert’s products are the ultimate in prestige and luxury. His goal was to combine its historical opulence with a contemporary and affor- dable (!) idea. The designer takes the stage on Hoher Markt with the outrageous slogan ‘buy 1, get 1 free’, or even better, ‘buy 1, get 10, 100, etc., free’. Lemoigne uses mirrors to multiply the precious objects, ironically exaggerating luxury to the extremes of decadence, simultaneously tickling the blissful fancy of the consumer in getting more for his or her money.